The Grease Catcher

Grease Catcher

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Roof Gaurd ( The Grease Catcher )

Are you tired of spending $ 800.00 or so dollars on a grease catching system for your roof ?

Did you know your grease catching system is only as good as the service company that maintains it ?

Many Grease Catching Systems are Made From Paper .

Many Grease Catching Systems are Made from layers of foam, paper,mesh,and other paper products.

Does paper really catch grease ?

Let B&R Fire Protection show you a NEW way to save your roof.

How the Grease Catcher Works

The Grease Catcher is made from Non Rusting Fiberglass . The unit is put into place around the entire fan or fans area.

The Grease Catcher uses special grease catching rocks that are placed on a layer of rigid fiberglass. The rocks are absorbent to grease only and as water runs through them all the grease is removed by the rocks and nothing but clean water runs on the roof.

What Makes The Grease Catcher Different ?

B&R has been working on this concept for over 12 years . The unit is different in many ways..

1) We use a proven filtering property , not paper or foam.

2) Since we are a vent hood cleaning company , we are able to service your grease catcher as we clean the fans on the roof.

3) The Grease Catcher cost 50% less to service than the average roof grease catching system.

4) The Grease Catcher is lower priced than many other Grease Catching Systems.

Remember When You Want It Done Right Call A Pro

  Make a Big Change and Save Big Money with the


This product has been tested and is guaranteed to work !

Why pay a company $ 800 to $ 1000 dollars for products that just don't hold the grease, when you could have a tested and proven NEW SYSTEM that catches grease day and night ,rain or shine.

The average Grease Catcher sales for just $ 399.95 per unit.

Take a look on your roof today and see what is happening to your grease catching system. Pay close attention to the fans and around the fans. Are they Clean ?